Emergency War Surgery




3rd United States Revision


Produced by the US Army in 2004, this outstanding textbook addresses the appropriate medical management of such typical military wounds as blast injuries, burns and multiple penetrating injuries. It also guides the treatment of other battle and non-battle injuries.


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Emergency War Surgery

Emergency War Surgery

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  1. Click link and choose save.

  2. Choose Desktop and click save again. 

  3. Once downloaded go to desktop and double click zipped file

  4. Click Extract.

  5. Choose folder where files should be saved.

  6. Make sure All Files/Folder in Archives box is checked.

  7. Choose Extract again and this will download the files to chosen directory. 

  8. Once downloaded, go into My Computer and find directory where saved

  9. Go to list of documents and choose EWSH.pdf.  This will take you to the Table of Contents which has links to all the chapters.

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