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Operational Medicine 2001
Field Medical Service School
Student Handbook


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 Student Handbook

FMSS is a seven-week course of instruction designed to prepare both Active Duty and Reserve Hospital Corpsmen and Dental Technicians for duty with Marine Corps Operational Units.

FMST Title
0101 Rank and Rate Structure of USMC and USN
0103 Principles of Marine Corps Leadership
0104 Utility Uniform and Individual Combat Equipment
0106 Close Order Drill
0201 Patrolling
0202 Field Fortification
0203 Offensive Combat
0204 Defensive Combat
0205 Land Navigation
0206 Field Communications
0207 Five Paragraph Order
0208 Antipersonnel Devices
0209 M9 Service Pistol Familiarization
0209 M16A2 Assault Rifle Familiarization
0212 M40 Gas Mask
0213 NBC Personal Protective Equipment
0214 MOPP Gear Exchange & Casualty Decontamination
0215 Individual Movement
0301 Health Services Support within the Marine Corps Operating Forces
0302 Health Services Support for Marine Corps Missions
0401 Shock Casualties
0402 Burn Casualties
0403 Environmental Heat Injuries
0404 Environmental Cold Injuries
0405 Envenomation Injuries
0408 Abdominal Injuries
0409 Respiratory Trauma Management
0410 Emergency Cricothyroidotomy
0411 Needle Thoracentesis
0412 Intravenous Therapy
0413 Dehydration Casualties
0414 Altitude Sickness
0415 Chemical Agent Casualties
0416 Biological Agent Casualties
0417 Radiological Warfare Casualties
0418 Dental Emergencies
0420 MOLLE Medical Bag
0421 Suture Materials and Techniques
0422 Casualty Assessment
0423 Hemorrhage Control
0424 Injury Mechanisms from Conventional Weapons
0426 Endotracheal Intubation
0501 Battalion Aid Station Procedures
0502 Casualty Triage
0503 Casualty Evacuation
0601 Field Food Service
0602 Water Purification
0603 Field Waste Disposal
0604 Foot Care in the Field
0605 Diseases of Operational Importance
0606 Medical Intelligence
  Camouflage, Cover and Concealment
  Combat Formations and Signals

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Operational Medicine 2001
Health Care in Military Settings

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Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Department of the Navy
2300 E Street NW
Washington, D.C

Operational Medicine
 Health Care in Military Settings
CAPT Michael John Hughey, MC, USNR
  January 1, 2001

United States Special Operations Command
7701 Tampa Point Blvd.
MacDill AFB, Florida

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