The creation of Operational Medicine would not have been possible without the extensive contributions of many individuals, over many years. Among those who have been particularly helpful are:

From the Army

Lieutenant  General James Peake, MC, USA
Lieutenant General Ronald R. Blanck, MC, USA

Major General Kevin C. Kiley, MC, USA

Brigadier General Bill Bester, MC, USA
Brigadier General Bettye H.  Simmons, AN, USA

Colonel Daniel F. Battafarano, MC, USA
Colonel Carla Hawley-Bowland, MC, USA
Colonel Jay Carlson, MC, USA
Colonel Cliff Cloonan, MC, USA

Colonel Rhonda Cornum, MC, USA
Colonel Gary Davis, MC, USA
Colonel Laurie Davis, NC, USA
Colonel Rick Erdtmann, MC, USA
Colonel Warner Farr, MC, USA
Colonel Joseph B. Fitzharris, MC, USA
Colonel Margaret J. Knapp, MC, USA
Colonel Edward Knights, MC, USA
Colonel James McGhee, MC, USA
Colonel John M. Powers, MC, USA
Colonel Richard D. Shipley, CD, USA
Colonel Johnie S. Tillman, MC, USA
Colonel Iris West, AN, USA
Colonel Steve Yevich, MC, USA
Colonel Craig H. Llewellyn, MC, USA (Ret)

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Adams, MC, USA
Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Bonnefil, NC, USA
Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Corcoran, MC, USA
Lieutenant Colonel Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, MC, USA
Lieutenant Colonel Jeff McCollom, MC, USA
Lieutenant Colonel Michael J.Roy, MC, USA

Major John Lamoureaux, MSC, USA
Major Gordon Peters, MC, USA

Second Lieutenant Gary E. Means, MS, USAR

MSG James T. Bates, USA
MSG Clyde McMillan, USA
MSG Peter Pease, USA

SFC Robert P. Roemer, USA
SFC Bruce Ward, USA

From the Navy

Vice Admiral Richard A. Nelson, MC, USN
Vice Admiral Harold M. Koenig, MC, USN (Ret)
Vice Admiral Donald F. Hagan, MC, USN (Ret)
Vice Admiral James Zimbel, MC, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Joan M. Engel, NC, USN (Ret)
Rear Admiral Robert W. Higgins, MC, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Donald C. Arthur, MC, USNR
Rear Admiral Noel Dysart, MC, USN
Rear Admiral James Johnson, MC, USN
Rear Admiral William J. Lynch, MC, USNR
Rear Admiral Richard A. Mayo, MC, USN

Rear Admiral R. C. Melendez, DC, USN
Rear Admiral William R. Rowley, MC, USN
Rear Admiral James H. Black, MC, USN (Ret)

Captain G. Akob, MC, USN
Captain Michael R. Ambrose, MC, USN
Captain Mary A. Anderson, MC, USN
Captain Fanancy Anzalone, MC, USN
Captain Kathleen Bailey, NC, USN
Captain  Brad L. Bennett, MSC, USN

Captain Lee D. Bown, NC, USN
Captain David Brice, MC, USN
Captain Frank Butler, MC, USN
CAPT  Lydia Canavan, MC, USN
Captain James R. De Voll, MC, USN
Captain Thomas R. Defibaugh, MSC, USN

Captain John Fahey, MC, USN
Captain Susan A. Flood, NC, USN
Captain William Frank, MSC, USN
Captain James Frazier, MC, USN
Captain Chris (Hank) Gardiner, MSC, USN
Captain H. John Gerhard, MC, USN
Captain B. Gail Goff, MSC, USN
Captain Steven E. Hart, MC, USN
Captain Konrad E. Hayashi, MC, USN
Captain  Susan B. Herrold, NC, USN
Captain Janet L Higgins, NC, USN
Captain Michael John Hughey, MC, USNR
Captain Christine Hunter, MC, USN
Captain Dave Hyland, MC, USN
Captain Richard R. Jeffries, MC, USN
Captain W. Robert Kiser, MC, USN
Captain Richard King, MC, USNR
Captain Kevin Knoop, MC, USN
Captain Ellen R. Lahman, NC, USN
Captain Joel Lees, MC, USN
Captain Davonne Loup, MC, USN
Captain Charles J. Macri, MC, USN
Captain Cynthia I. Macri, MC, USN
Captain Frank E. Maguire, MC, USN
Captain Donald Mason, MC, USN
Captain Mike McCarten, MC, USN
Captain Dale Mole, MC, USN
Captain Jay R. Montgomery, MC, USN
Captain Charles B. Mount, MSC, USN
Captain Jerri Mukri, NC, USN
Captain David Munter, MC, USN
Captain Patricia Murphy, NC, USN
Captain John Murray, MC, USN
Captain William P. Nash, MC, USN
Captain John Nickle, MC, USN
Captain Robert B. North, Jr., MC, USN
Captain Frank Nuar, MC, USNR
Captain Donna Perry, NC, USN
Captain Nancy A. Puksta, NC, USN
Captain Jerry Ragland, MC, USN
Captain Gary Reams, MC, USN
Captain Terry Reiley, MC, USN

Captain Steve Remmenga, MC, USN
Captain Adam Robinson, MC, USN
Captain Jerry Rose, MC, USN
Captain David Sack, MC, USN

Captain Scott W. Shiffer, NC, USN
Captain Dave Snyder, MC, USN

Captain Robert Spiro, MC, USN
Captain Don Sprague, MC, USN
Captain Rom Stevens, MC, USNR
Captain Richard Stock, MC, USN
Captain Glenn N. Wagner, MC, USN
Captain Lawrence Walters, MSC, USN
Captain Steve Warlick, MC, USN
Captain DJ Wear-Finkle, MC, USN
Captain Robert C. Wilkens, MSC, USN
Captain Natalie Willenberg, MC, USN

Captain Steve Yakavon, MC, USN
Captain Jeffery M. Young, MC, USNR
Captain H.B. Etienne, MC, USN (Ret)
Captain John Nash, MC, USN (Ret)
Captain John Noll, MC, USN (Ret)
Captain Thakor G. Patel, MC, USN (Ret)
Captain Henry Schwarz, MC, USN (Ret)
Captain Dennis A. Vidmar, MC, USN (Ret)

Commander Steve Acher, MC, USN
Commander Mark Austin, MC, USN
Commander Linnea Axman, NC, USN
Commander Tamara C. Babb, MC, USN
Commander Michael Bandy, JAGC, USN
Commander Barney R. Barendse, NC, USN
Commander David Beardsly, MC, USN
Commander Monte L. Bible, MC, USN
Commander Josephine Brumit, NC, USN
Commander Victoria A. Cassano, MC, USN
Commander Colin Chin, MC, USN
Commander Soren Christensen, NC, USN
Commander Bruce A. Cohen, MC, USN
Commander Christopher Culp, MC, USN
Commander Jay S. Dudley, MC, USN
Commander Wesley Emmons, MC, USNR
Commander Scott D. Flinn, MC, USN
Commander Robert Frick, MC, USN
Commander Charles J. Gbur, Jr., MC, USNR
Commander Dave Gillis, MC, USN
Commander Charles Gunn, MSC, USN
Commander Terry A. Harrison, MC, USNR
Commander Randal G. Heller, MSC, USN
er Tim Hinman, MC, USN
Commander Greg Hoeksema, MC, USN
Commander Warren S. Inouye, MC, USNR
Commander Mary Owens, NC, USN

Commander James Phelan, MC, USN
Commander Henry Porter, MC, USN
Commander Michael Puckett, MC, USN
Commander Dominick A. Rascona, MC, USNR
Commander Paul Rocereto, MC, USN
Commander Dennis Rowe, MC, USN
Commander Gerald Scholl, MC, USN
Commander Erica A. Spence, NC, USN
Commander Tommy C. Stewart, NC, USN

Commander Amy Suggs, NC, USN
Commander Nancy Swanson, NC, USN
Commander William J. Swartworth, MC, USNR
Commander Steven M. Temerlin, MC, USN
Commander Jennifer Town, NC, USN

Lieutenant Commander Brian Belson, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Ron Boucher, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Gilda Collazo, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Stanton Cope, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Thomas A. Craig, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Ann Fallon, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Kim M. Forman, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Lisa Inouye, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Commander Gary W. Ivey, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Commander John Kane, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Paul Kane, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Kathy Kyser, NC, USN
Lieutenant Commander David A. Lane, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander John W. LeRoy, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Brian Lewis, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Barth Merrill, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Robert Nordness, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Polano, MC, USNR

Lieutenant Commander Steve Presley, MC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Antonio E. Rodriguez, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Commander Christopher Schmidt, NC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Brian D. Swan, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Commander Roxanne Tweedy, NC, USN

Lieutenant Youssef H. Aboul-Enein, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Paul Antony, MC, USN
Lieutenant Chris Alewine, MC, USN
Lieutenant Glen M. Arluk, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Denis Ashley, MC, USN
Lieutenant John S. Brooks, MC, USN
Lieutenant George Butler, MC, USN
Lieutenant E.H. Chin, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Eleanor Fernandez, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Angela Gardner, USN
Lieutenant Ronnie L. Garcia, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Matt Grimes, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Tina Hofbauer, NC, USNR
Lieutenant Jennifer M. Jagoe, MC, USN
Lieutenant Min K. Kim, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Howard Koontz, NC, USN
Lieutenant Elizabeth Lassek, NC, USNR
Lieutenant Kathleen Maas, NC, USN
Lieutenant Hugh McSwain, MC, USN
Lieutenant Edward T. Moldenhauer, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Heath A Morgan, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Patrick W. Paul, MSC, USN
Lieutenant Arthur S. Pemberton, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Scott D. Pennington, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Fletcher Pierce, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Daniel A. Rakowski, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Nathaniel Ruttig, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Manuel Santiago, NC, USN
Lieutenant David ShanHortzer, NC, USN
Lieutenant Daniel Seidensticker, MC, USN
Lieutenant Michael D. Simons, NC, USN
Lieutenant April A. Truett, MC, USNR
Lieutenant James B. Witkowski, MC, USNR
Lieutenant Frederick E. Yeo, MC, USN

Lieutenant Junior Grade Joseph A. Marcantel, NC, USNR
Lieutenant Junior Grade Anne Tiber, NC, USN

Ensign Robert Post, MC, USNR

HMCM (AW) Reynaldo Angeles, USN
HMCM (SW) Fernan Floranda, USN
HMCM (SW) J.E. Lambert, USN

HMCM (SW) Mark R. Weldon, USN
HMCM Thomas Eagles, USN (Ret)

HMCS Tyrone L. Green, USN
HMCS Jeff Jones, USN

HMC (SW) Joe Fischer, USN
HMC Charles Herbert, USN
HMC Sally Hobson, USNR
HMC (SW/FMF) Mike Judson, USN
HMC Mary Long, USN

HM1 Michael J Brady, USN

HM2 Christina Kenny, USN
HM2 Aretha Paschel-Alexander, USN
HM2 (FMF) George Pugh, USN
HM2 Nona Sanders, USN

HM3 Shannon Jackson, USN

From the Marine Corps

Major Anne Shuford, USMC

Captain Lorrie Kovacs, USMC

1st Lieutenant Julie Ward, USMC
1st Lieutenant Jennifer M. Wolfe, USMC

MGySgt Pat McLane, USMC

MSgt Marian P. Frayser, USMC

GySgt Shawnee J Miller, USMC

SSgt Sara M. Gross, USMC

Sgt Vicki R. Courson, USMC

From the Air Force

Lieutenant General Paul K. Carlton, Jr., MC, USAF, CSF

Major General Leonard M. Randolph, Jr., MC, USAF

Colonel Paul Christianson, MC, USAF
Colonel Molly Hall, MC, USAF
Colonel Russell Kilpatrick, MC, USAF
Colonel John E. McManigle, MC, USAF
Colonel Thomas Travis, MC, USAF

Lieutenant Colonel Robert C. Allen, MC,  USAF
Lieutenant Colonel Byron C. Calhoun, MC, USAF
Lieutenant Colonel
John M. McAtee, USAF BSC
Lieutenant Colonel  Susan E. Northrup, MC, USAF
Lieutenant Colonel Michael W. Spatz, MC, USAF

Lieutenant Colonel John Wightman, MC, USAF  
Lieutenant Colonel Chris Zahn, MC, USAF

Major Gordon C. Peters, MC, USAF

Master Sergeant Daren Robinson, USAF

Technical Sergeant Steve Cum, USAF
Technical Sergeant Cindy Funston-Bayless, USAF

From the Coast Guard

Rear Admiral Joyce M. Johnson, USPHS

Captain Paul Higgins, USPHS
Captain Michael W. Wiemers, USPHS

Lieutenant Commander Sharon L. Ludwig, USPHS

MCPO Glenn Proctor, USPHS

From the United States Public Health Service

Captain William H.J. Haffner, M.D., USPHS


Ms. Ann Ballard, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Sharon Burnham, DO, Sports Medicine Department, Parris Island, SC
Mr. Henry "Hank" Champagne, Naval School of Health Sciences
Ms. Patty Chilis, RDMS, Evanston Hospital, Evanston, IL
Mr. Robert T. Clayton, SVERDRUP, USSOCOM, Tampa, FL
Mr. Walt Dumbeck, Naval School of Health Sciences
Mr. Thomas Eagles, Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, Virginia
William Fabri, MD, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, DC
Ms. Laura Franz, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Mr. Craig French,
Ms. Judy Goldman, Naval School of Health Sciences
Mr. Charles Gothard,
Curriculum Development Office, COMNAVSURFRESFOR, New Orleans, LA
Ms. Margaret M. Grey, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Dr. Thomas Gross, US Coast Guard
Ms. Judith Harris,
Directorate of Health Promotion and Wellness, USACHPPM, APG, MD
Mr. Jan K. Herman, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Christopher Kardohely, DPM, Sports Medicine Department, Parris Island, SC
Ms. Carol Kuzmanic, Evanston Hospital, Evanston, IL
Ms. Jeri L. Lockman, MSN, ARNP, Office of Medical Services, U.S. Department of State
Gretchen McCoy, MD, U.S. Department of State
Patrick Myer RN, BSN, CEN, Emergency Medicine Department, Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth
Mr. Ron Packard, Center for Total Access, Fort Gordon, Georgia
Ms. Gloria Paradez, AMEDDC&S
Chris Polkoski, MS, PA-C, Sports Medicine Department, Parris Island, SC
Ms. Evelmer Poole, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Ms. Rebecca Reynolds MSN/NP, FS Health Practitioner Program, U.S. Department of State
Ms. Susan E. Rist, MCAS Miramar, CA
Ms. Tracy Roberts, Medical Photography, Evanston Hospital, Evanston, IL
Mr. Jerry Robinson, Center for Health Education and Studies, U.S. Army Medical Department
Mr. Dave Saren, U.S. Special Operations Command, Tampa, Florida
Fred Schmidt, PA-C , Sports Medicine Department, Parris Island, SC
Ms. Marcia Shell, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Washington DC
Mr. Al Smith, Naval School of Health Sciences
Ms. Gay Thompson, RN, MPH, Center for Total Access, Fort Gordon, Georgia
Ms. Kristine Vehlow, Evanston Hospital, Evanston, IL
Mr. Jerome Wilson, Bureau of Medicine and Surgeyr, Washington DC
James E. Yoder, MD, MPH, FBIHQ Health Care Programs Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation


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Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Department of the Navy
2300 E Street NW
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Operational Medicine
 Health Care in Military Settings
CAPT Michael John Hughey, MC, USNR
  January 1, 2001

United States Special Operations Command
7701 Tampa Point Blvd.
MacDill AFB, Florida

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