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Subcourse MD0922, Obstetric and Newborn Care II, is a continuation from Subcourse MD0921, Obstetric and Newborn Care I. This subcourse will further explain the many physiological and psychological changes that a woman may experience throughout her pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and the period after delivery. The practical nurse, along with other members of the nursing staff, have a great responsibility of teaching and providing quality nursing care for the health and well-being of the mother and the newborn.

Subcourse Components:

This subcourse consists of 11 lessons and a glossary. The lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1, Complications of Pregnancy.

Lesson 2, Stages of Labor and Nursing Care.

Lesson 3, Precipitate and Emergency Delivery.

Lesson 4, Management of Obstetric Discomfort During Labor.

Lesson 5, Special Situations in Labor and Delivery.

Lesson 6, The Postpartal Patient.

Lesson 7, Characteristics of the Typical Newborn Infant.

Lesson 8, Care of the Normal Newborn Infant.

Lesson 9, Newborn Nutrition.

Lesson 10, The Premature Infant.

Lesson 11, The Sick Neonate.


Students who desire credit hours for this correspondence subcourse must meet eligibility requirements and must enroll through the Nonresident Instruction Branch of the U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDC&S). For further information, click here.

Examination Answer Sheets and Student Comment Forms are available by downloading the original correspondence course manual and printing the forms from it. The manual is available here.

Credit Awarded:

To receive credit hours, you must be officially enrolled and complete an examination furnished by the Nonresident Instruction Section at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Upon successful completion of the examination for this subcourse, you will be awarded 15 credit hours.

You can enroll by going to the web site and enrolling under "Self Development" (School Code 555).

A listing of correspondence courses and subcourses available through the Nonresident Instruction Section is found in Chapter 4 of DA Pamphlet 350-59, Army Correspondence Course Program Catalog. The DA PAM is available at the following website:




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