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Dr. Mike Hughey

I developed the OBGYN Skills Lab to provide video training material to 3rd year medical students, and others training in introductory women's health care. These mostly 5-minute videos will strengthen understanding of many basic procedures, and prepare students for performing these procedures.

On-screen education can't substitute for in-person, hands-on training under supervision, but I hope that by reviewing these videos, you'll be better prepared for your clinical experience.

Of course, there are usually many good ways to perform any particular procedure, and I'm generally just showing you one of them. I expect your professors will show you some additional techniques, and some of them will seem easier for you or better for the patient. That's fine. Part of the Art of Medicine is the knowledge of different ways of doing things, and what works best in your hands.

The videos are a mix of mpeg and wmv files that were designed to play on an IBM-compatible computer. I've tested them with my MacBook OSX, and they seem to work fine on that system, too, after downloading a free Windows Media Player for OSX from Microsoft.

This material is C. 2010, Brookside Associates, Ltd.

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