Multimedia Edition




Operational Medicine Mark II
4 GB USB Flash Drive, with 100 operational medicine textbooks and manuals, 117 operational medicine videos, and 55 Continuing Education courses, for physicians, nurses, and corpsmen/medic/EMTs.

Blood Pressure (3.2 MB)

Chest Examination (27.2 MB)

Continuous Lumbar Epidural Anesthetic (18.3 MB)

Dorsiflexion Pain (0.7 MB)

Drawing Blood (15 MB)

Examining the Eyes (2 MB)

Examining the Lungs (2 MB)

External Otitis (1 MB)

Female Foley Catheter (9.5 MB)

Female Pelvic Exam (16.3 MB)

Hemoccult Stool Testing (6.1 MB)

Hemorrhagic Shock (15.1 MB)

Insert an Oropharyngeal Airway (4.9 MB)

Leg Exercises (1.9 MB)

Male and Female Foley Catheter Insertion and Management (17.8 MB)

Major Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body (6.9 MB)

Spinal Anesthetic (15.7 MB)

Urinalysis Dipstick Testing (8.7 MB)

Urine Screening for Protein and Glucose (5.4 MB)




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