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Ultrasound Atlas

uterus longitudinal
Normal Uterus, Sagittal View

IUD in situ, sagittal view
IUD in situ
Coppper-T IUD in situ, transverse view
uterus transverse
Normal Uterus, Transverse Niew
abdominal circumference
Abdominal Circumference
labled abdomen
Labeled Abdominal Circumference
Normal Ovary
gestational sac
Gestational Sac, Yolk Sac and Fetal Pole
Crown-Rump Length
ovarian follicle
Normal Ovarian Follicle
endometrial polyp
Endometrial Polyp
polycystic ovaries
Polycystic Ovary
biparietal diameter
Biparietal Diameter
corpus luteum cyst
Hemorrhagic Corpus Luteum
fetal femur
Femur Length
umbilical cord
Umbilical cord in cross section
abdominal circumference
Scan of Abdominal Circumference
biparietal diameter
Scan of Biparietal Diameter
femur length
Scan of Femur Length
Hysterosalpingogram: 1
Hysterosalpingogram: 2
Hysterosalpingogram: 3
Hysterosalpingogram: 4
Hysterosalpingogram: 6



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