Inclusion Cyst

Inclusion cysts are common, innocent, symptomless swellings at the introitus of the vulva.

They are often a result of healing of an episiotomy or vulvar laceration following vaginal delivery but can occur spontaneously. An epithelial gland just beneath the skin, which normally would drain its' secretions to the surface of the skin, becomes trapped beneath the skin. Secretions accumulate, forming a small cyst.

These cysts have a very thin skin covering and often, visible blood vessels can be seen coursing across the cyst.

No treatment is necessary, but for a woman who finds the cyst annoying, it can be opened and drained. While it could re-form, it usually won't. Draining of this type of cyst might not be considered a good idea in some operational settings because the risk of infection at the incision site.

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